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Break free from the ordinary, step outside your comfort zone and explore a whole new realm of photography

  • Find out exactly what equipment you need to achieve outstanding results on any budget! Including lenses, lighting and other essentials

  • How to create simple, effective low key lighting setups and transform ordinary nudes into extraordinary works of art

  • Video demonstrations with live models that explore the interplay of light and shadow and illustrate how to sculpt and shape the human form in captivating and evocative ways

  • Post Production techniques and tips to take your color or black and white bodyscapes from "Wow!" to "Whoa!" in minutes

  • Detailed lighting setup diagrams to help you achieve the perfect lighting every time

  • Downloadable guides and cheat-sheets to use on your first shoot and all that follow

  • A safe place to share your work and get honest constructive criticism from a supportive community of students

  • Bonuses!!

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Imagine This:

You're standing in your studio, looking at your latest work. It's a bodyscape...

... a stunning play of light and shadow that transforms the human form into a landscape of curves and contours. It's not just a photograph; it's a work of art.


You've always been a passionate photographer, but now you've taken your craft to a whole new level

🔥 You've mastered a technique that allows you to sculpt with light, creating dramatic images that are both beautiful and thought-provoking. 

🔥 You've learned how to pose your subjects and light them to create dramatic effects. 

🔥 You've not only mastered the lighting, but you also know exactly how to enhance your images in post production, bringing out the beauty of the human form in ways you never thought possible.

Your Stunning Bodyscape Here!

Now, when you look through your lens, you see not just a client or model, but a landscape of possibilities. You envision the play of light and shadow transforming the human body into a mountain range, a desert, a rolling hillside. You imagine creative lighting revealing the beauty of the human form in all its complexity and diversity.

And the best part? Your work is getting noticed. Your images are being shared on social media, featured in photography magazines, perhaps even displayed in galleries. You're getting calls from potential clients who love your new style and want to book sessions. You’re selling more and more wall art, and it feels amazing!

This is the power of "Creating Stunning Bodyscapes with Low Key Lighting." 

This is one possible future that awaits you when you complete this course. So why wait? Enroll today and start your journey towards becoming a master of bodyscape photography.

Let's Do This!

Are You Ready to Watch your Photography Take Off?

What is your Time Worth?
Just stop wasting time endlessly searching YouTube for useful information, and sifting through conflicting, incomplete and often incorrect advice from Facebook groups.

Are you ready to set your creativity free and finally develop YOUR style?Stop feeling like an imposter and relying on quick fixes to solve your technical problems. Learning to MASTER LIGHTING will change your photography forever! And the knowledge will be relevant no matter what new technology appears on the market five weeks or even five years from now.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?
You are only six-weeks away from having the power to create the kind of portfolio that will make clients want to hire you and give you the confidence to raise your prices!

If you want to get to the next level in your work, you need to take this course – no kidding!

Elevate your photography. Enroll now and create stunning bodyscapes with low key lighting!

Success Stories

Huge, totally Monumental Thanks!


HUGE, totally MONUMENTAL THANKS to Rich for the lighting class I took from him in November. I learned a TON and I'm so proud of the progress of shooting and my ability to get amazing shots. Before, I was always at the mercy of natural light from the temperamental Texas sun and a ring light. These days, I have a BFU (big freaking light) and more control. I feel empowered and confident that I will get 'the shot' more often than not. Thanks Rich!! Your teaching, knowledge, and continued help are invaluable to me.

My work Skyrocketed!

by Nelly

When I started my business a few years back, I truly did not know what I was doing with my camera or with lighting. I was shooting in Auto, getting blurry images, not happy with my work, having muddy colors. I overshot like crazy every session because about half or more of my images were blurry. I felt like an imposter. I can truly say that I learned photography and lighting from Rich. My work has skyrocketed and changed COMPLETELY. It has been life-changing. I CAN SEE what I’m going to do before I even take the picture and now I KNOW how to do it! It not only helped me get the quality and the sharpness, and the vibrant colors, but gave me the opportunity to be more creative in my work.

Truly Inspiring!


I couldn’t have been more impressed with the experience. From start to finish, Rich demonstrated an exceptional level of expertise and professionalism, making the course both informative and enjoyable His expertise, professionalism and passion for photography is truly inspiring, and I left the workshop feeling not only more knowledgeable but also more inspired to create.

Your time is NOW!

As the name implies, this course will have you Creating Stunning Bodyscapes in a a matter of hours, so what are you waiting for?


CPP, Photographer and Educator rich cirminello

Rich Cirminello is an award winning photographer and mentor specializing in various forms of portraiture including boudoir, glamor, and headshots, and is experienced in commercial and fashion as well. A PPA Certified Professional Photographer, he has directed photography workshops and classes since 2010 both independently and for organizations including the Professional Photographers of America and Google. Before pursuing photography full time Rich worked in High Tech but also was Editor in Chief of a popular San Francisco based glamor magazine, shot fashion editorials, catalogs, and shows around the world, and was co-owner of a fashion label that produced elegant ladies evening wear.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Equipment Do I Need?

    You don't need much: A DSLR or mirrorless camera and a good light. For the light, a strobe is recommended however a strong continuous light will work as well. When you enroll in the course the very first lesson has a list of lighting equipment recommendations and accessories with links to Amazon.

  • What is the Best Lens for Bodyscapes?

    Whatever lens you have on hand is fine to start with! Speed is not critical and virtually any focal length can be used. Creating Bodyscapes is about exploring the body in interesting ways and from new and unique perspectives. Different lenses will have different effects but there is no 'best' or 'wrong' choice. It's completely up to you!

Awards and Recognition