Discover your potential, starting today

How would it feel if you could...

  • Take breathtaking photos that will amaze your friends and yourself!

  • Create and control bokeh, that 'background blurry effect'

  • Master low light photography

  • Walk into an unfamiliar space and be able to know EXACTLY how to create the images you want

  • Maximize the use of your camera and get the most from your investment

  • Stop feeling like an imposter when you look at other photographers' images

  • Create photos that look amazing right IN CAMERA

  • Spend less time at the computer fixing problems and more time shooting photos!

If You're Like Many Photographers I Know, You Probably Want

  • Creative Freedom

    But perhaps you're struggling to produce images with consistent quality. Try as you might, they suffer from under exposure, lack of sharpness, noise/grain. You waste hours fighting with technical issues instead of being creative. To be safe you stick to the same boring setups over and over.

  • To Make More Money

    Having your own business is great freedom, but it can be expensive! You would like to raise your prices, but there is something holding you back. You are willing to invest in your studio, but equipment is confusing and you're afraid of wasting money on the 'wrong' stuff.

  • To Stop Feeling Like an Imposter

    You love photography, but you have a hard time believing you're good enough to be a 'real' professional. Photos by other professionals have a quality that you just can't seem to create in yours. You spend hours on YouTube and in Facebook groups searching for answers, but it all seems so confusing and complicated.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You search for hours skimming video after video for an answer to your question, only to find incomplete, irrelevant, or confusing information. Sometimes you're not even sure you're searching for the right thing.

You find one video that looks promising, but you don't recognize the equipment they're using and they never mention it in the video or description. You leave a comment and hope to get an answer. 
Days go by.

Another video provides a shopping list of stuff (including Amazon links totaling over $3000.  
You wonder to yourself, "Do I need all of it?  If I get it all, will help me create the images I want?  How do I use it?"

Facebook Groups
You ask for help from your favorite photography related Facebook groups, but the answers you get sound great, but there are inconsistencies. Suddenly, two commenters are going back and forth arguing about a concept you're only vaguely familiar with. Which one is right? 

Someone tells you to buy a new camera; another person says you just need a $2000 lens. A third persons says not to worry, you can just just use AI or buy a filter pack to fix all the blurriness, noise, and color.

But something doesn't feel right... how did photographers create all those amazing images before AI and filters existed?

How do you know who to trust?

Finally you just go on Amazon and order the cheapest lens you can find and cross your fingers that it gives you the images that you want. (big mistake)

In Person Workshops
The workshop was great, and the instructor knowledgable. 

The photos came out awesome! But now that you're alone again you just can't remember exactly what they did to make it work. You took notes, but the settings the instructor used aren't giving you the same results. 

Making things worse, you don't have the same equipment, the same studio, or the same subject – you wonder how you can take what you learned and apply it to YOUR photography. Is it even possible? 

Without further guidance, you just go back to shooting the way you did before the workshop – you tell yourself that you'll figure it out someday.

Read on: Because Understanding Exposure Has All the Answers You Need

I Discovered a Secret

I spent years of my life combing through information, practicing, and experimenting, trying to get my photos to look like the ones in magazines. 

For a long time I believed

"They must be using a better camera"

But then one day nearly 20 years ago everything changed. 

I went to a small local camera store and told the owner I wanted to buy a $600 lens. 

Knowing I was a beginner, he asked me what I was trying to shoot (he already knew what equipment I had, because I bought it from him!)

After I explained, he told me I probably didn't need to drop $600 on the lens, all I needed was to learn Manual Mode. 

He also recommended a few books and a teacher I work with and told me if that didn't help, he would sell me the lens - at a discount! 

I followed his advice and before I knew it, I was taking great photos!

I remember the first time I took a peek at the back of my camera and was literally BLOWN AWAY at the sharpness, the color!

With a basic 6 megapixel DSLR and a kit lens, I had finally taken a photo that looked like like it belonged in a magazine! 

Of course I tried many different things in the past, but never got results like this. 

But that's when I realized:

"You can make amazing photos with a basic camera if you understand 
three things."

Once I learned and understood a few key principles and practiced them, I became able to take better photos with all different types of light!

Since that time technology advanced a long way and today cameras and lighting equipment on the market have a dizzying array of complex features. I mean that literally, the features gear has can have your head spinning!

You can spend all day looking up terms and reading about equipment, hitting dead end after dead end… and after all your effort you’re likely to be more confused and frustrated than when you started.

Sadly, many features that were designed to help photographers often cause confusion instead, and I see a lot of bad advice being given out by people with good intentions. 

I hate seeing photographers like you struggle unnecessarily! 

This is why I decided to create a program that takes you on a direct path to Mastering Exposure because in all this time, the way cameras capture light and turn it into photographs has improved but the fundamentals haven't changed! 

I have taken all my years of research, experimentation, shooting for magazines, fashion designers, hosting events and workshops and put it all together in an easy to follow program designed to give photographers like you a straight path to success. 

Everything I learned about Mastering Exposure 20 years ago still applies today!

I’ve laid down the groundwork, all you need to do is walk along with me.
No dead ends, no detours, no techno-blabble filled rabbit holes! 

You may be thinking...

  1. I don't have a professional camera.
    I hear this a LOT. You don't need a professional camera to start learning Exposure. Many entry-level DSLRs and mirrorless cameras have all the settings. The principles you'll learn in this course can be applied to any camera.

  2. I'm a complete beginner. I don't know if I can handle Manual Mode.
    This course is designed to take you from a beginner to a confident user of all the exposure modes including Manual Mode. Each concept is explained in simple, easy-to-understand language, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to practice and reinforce your learning with practical exercises.

  3. I don't have much time to dedicate to an online course.
    The course is self-paced, meaning you can learn at your own speed and on your own schedule. Plus, you'll can come back to the course as any time as you like to revisit the content whenever you have the time. 

  4. I'm not sure if the course is worth the investment
    Investing in this course is investing in your skills and future as a photographer. The knowledge and skills you'll gain from this course will enable you to take better photos which can aid you with  opportunities for professional work, art sales, or most important the confidence and  personal satisfaction of being able to create beautiful images. 

  5. I can learn all this information for free online
    That may be true, but here's the thing: while there is definitely a lot of free information available online, there is also a lot of misinformation out there. Ask GPT about this subject and it is just as likely to give you accurate information as it is to rely the common myths and misconceptions. And this is what happens on YouTube, Facebook and countless blogs. 
    This course provides a structured, comprehensive guide to Manual mode, curated by a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) with 20 years of experience and a college degree in education(!!). Plus, you'll get access to downloadable resources, quizzes to challenge your understanding of key concepts, and a community of learners which you won't find in free online resources.

Mastering Exposure

The Key to Unlocking Your Full Photographic Potential

Unlock the full potential of your camera and elevate your photography skills with our comprehensive course, "Mastering Manual Mode". The step by step program for photographers who want to stop guessing and take full control of their camera.

Each module includes engaging video lessons, downloadable resources, and quizzes to reinforce your learning. By the end of the course, you'll have the confidence and skills to shoot in any camera mode, including manual mode, giving you the creative freedom to capture stunning photographs that truly express your artistic vision.

Whether you're an aspiring professional photographer or a passionate hobbyist, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to take your photography to the next level. Join us on this journey and discover the art of manual mode photography.

Isn't it About Time You....

Take control of the camera and stop letting it control you?

  • Stop guessing. Stop struggling. Shoot with Intention.

  • Break free from impostor syndrome by giving you the knowledge to handle any camera confidently

  • Get more enjoyment out of your photography whether you're an amateur or aspiring pro!

  • Let your VISION determine the settings and unleash your creativity!!

  • Handle tricky lighting situations like a pro and nail the shot!

  • Finally have the confidence in your work to raise your prices

Included in the Master Lighting Program

Support and Tools

  • Exclusive Facebook Group For Students ONLY

    Your membership includes access to a private Facebook group for students of the course. There you will meet and interact with other students to keep the momentum moving forward!

  • Weekly Mastermind Zoom Calls ($2400)

    To help keep you on course, you'll have access to a weekly Zoom call with Rich Cirminello. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions and get additional help if you need it!

  • Mini Course: Mastering Manual Mode (Limited Time) ($597)

    Access to a mini-course about using manual mode. This mini course regularly sells for $397 but is included as a bonus for a limited time in the Master Lighting course.

Success Stories

Huge, totally Monumental Thanks!


HUGE, totally MONUMENTAL THANKS to Rich for the lighting class I took from him in November. I learned a TON and I'm so proud of the progress of shooting and my ability to get amazing shots. Before, I was always at the mercy of natural light from the temperamental Texas sun and a ring light. These days, I have a BFU (big freaking light) and more control. I feel empowered and confident that I will get 'the shot' more often than not. Thanks Rich!! Your teaching, knowledge, and continued help are invaluable to me.

My work Skyrocketed!

by Nelly

When I started my business a few years back, I truly did not know what I was doing with my camera or with lighting. I was shooting in Auto, getting blurry images, not happy with my work, having muddy colors. I overshot like crazy every session because about half or more of my images were blurry. I felt like an imposter. I can truly say that I learned photography and lighting from Rich. My work has skyrocketed and changed COMPLETELY. It has been life-changing. I CAN SEE what I’m going to do before I even take the picture and now I KNOW how to do it! It not only helped me get the quality and the sharpness, and the vibrant colors, but gave me the opportunity to be more creative in my work.

Let's Do This!

Are You Ready to Watch your Photography Take Off?

What is your Time Worth?
Just stop wasting time endlessly searching YouTube for useful information, and sifting through conflicting, incomplete and often incorrect advice from Facebook groups.

Are you ready to set your creativity free and finally develop YOUR style?Stop feeling like an imposter and relying on quick fixes to solve your technical problems. Learning to MASTER LIGHTING will change your photography forever! And the knowledge will be relevant no matter what new technology appears on the market five weeks or even five years from now.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?
You are only six-weeks away from having the power to create the kind of portfolio that will make clients want to hire you and give you the confidence to raise your prices!

If you want to get to the next level in your work, you need to take this course – no kidding! you can’t get there without Mastering Lighting!