What if you could...

  • Focus on being creative interacting with clients instead of constantly wrestling with camera settings

  • Shoot anytime of day, anytime of year instead of being confined to only working during the day with good weather

  • Stop feeling like an IMPOSTER when you look at other photographers' images

  • Eliminate the need to retouch before IPS while having incredible sales

  • Choose the camera settings you want to use and get perfect exposure EVERY TIME

  • Build your client's confidence during their session by showing photos that look AMAZING right on the back of the camera

  • Reduce time and money spent on retouching because your photos look fantastic straight out of camera

  • Develop your own unique style and voice and stand out from the droves of "same as" boudoir photographers

What You Will Learn

Each Module Adds a New Creative Super-Power You Can Use to Refine Your Own Unique Style

  • How to Take 100% Creative Control of Your Lighting in Any Situation

  • Soft and Sexy! How to Bathe Your Subject in Soft, Beautiful Light

  • Turning up the Heat! Sculpting Bodies and Creating Drama with Light and Shadows

  • Natural Wonder. Using Natural Light Strobe Together for the Best of Both Worlds

  • Controlling and Incorporating Beautiful Ambient Light with Strobe

  • Essential Unconventional Creative Techniques To Add Show Stoppers to Every Session

  • How to Shoot an Entire Session and Get Perfect Exposure Without Changing Your Camera Settings

  • Dozens of Essential Skills and Bits of Information for Amazing Results

It's time to FINALLY take control of the light!

instead of continuing to allow the light to control you!

It's Easier Than You Think

You only have to be willing to let go of complexity

I get it, strobe lighting seems really confusing and you're not sure you even like how it looks anyway. So why bother, right?

The reality is, strobe lighting is one of the most powerful creative tools a photographer has. It gives you the ability to create new levels of consistency in your work, no matter what the Sun is doing outside. 

Strobe USED TO BE very expensive, but not any more. 

Five years ago I could never have taught this course because the price of lighting equipment would have kept most students away, however, recent advancements in technology and manufacturing has brought the price of professional high quality equipment down lower than it's ever been before. It's absolutely mind-blowing what is available right now! 

I would have given anything for access to equipment like this when I started!

For the basically price of what a professional strobe kit USED TO COST, you will receive a strobe kit AND ten weeks of expert guidance!  

This information will change your photography and your life forever!

If You're Like Most Boudoir Photographers I Know, You Probably Want

  • Creative Freedom

    But perhaps you're struggling to produce images with consistent quality. Try as you might, they suffer from under exposure, lack of sharpness, noise/grain. You waste hours fighting with technical issues instead of being creative. To be safe you stick to the same boring setups over and over.

  • To Make More Money

    Having your own business is great freedom, but it can be expensive! You would like to raise your prices, but there is something holding you back. You are willing to invest in your studio, but equipment is confusing and you're afraid of wasting money on the 'wrong' stuff.

  • To Stop Feeling Like an Imposter

    You love boudoir photography, but you have a hard time believing you're good enough to charge for it. Other professionals have a quality that you just can't seem to create in yours. You waste hours on YouTube and in Facebook groups searching for answers, but it all seems confusing and complicated.

I Felt Like You Once...

Good Information is Difficult to Find

When I started getting serious about my photography nearly 20 years ago, I felt frustrated and overwhelmed.  

I wanted to create beautiful photographs like I saw in magazines, but I had no idea how to go about it. 

Back then there was no Facebook or YouTube yet (can you believe it?), so I was forced to ask questions on web forums, read books, and blogs. I invested THOU$AND$ in workshops and video courses by Lindsay Adler, Jake Hicks, Michael Woloszynowicz, Felix Kunze,  Tony Roselund, and others... 

Today, there are a lot more resources available, but it's actually made finding GOOD information more difficult, not easier!

I bought all kinds of equipment, gizmos, attachments,  some was great but I didn't know how to use it. A lot of it turned out to be junk, but I didn't know enough at the time to make a smart buying decision. 

Over the years I invested countless hours and many thousands of dollars to get where I am today, but because I did it, you don't have to. 

Enroll Now

See that button over there? Click it now to get started! 👉🏽

One Light. Infinite Possibilities!

One Strobe Boudoir is for you if:

  • Natural Light

    You're an experienced natural light Boudoir Photographer with a good body of work who is ready to expand your skills and explore new avenues of creativity.

  • Ready to Level Up

    You want to raise the level of quality and consistency of your work in order to confidently charge more and reduce your post production time.

  • Extremely Busy

    You're extremely busy, but know the value of adding strobe to your studio. You just don't have time to properly research equipment and skills to do it right.

Here's what you will get when you enroll!

All for less than the average price of ONE Boudoir Client Collection

  • The One Light Boudoir Instructional Videos

  • Weekly LIVE Coaching calls with Rich Cirminello

  • Deluxe Strobe Starter Kit including strobe, stand, trigger, and octagon soft box with grid

  • Access to the Exclusive One Light Boudoir Facebook Group (students only)

  • Unlimited creative power and total control over the lighting for your boudoir photography!

  • Life Changing Confidence

Does any of this sound familiar?

You search for hours skimming video after video searching for an answer to your question, only to find incomplete, irrelevant, conflicting or confusing information. Sometimes you're not even sure you're searching for the right thing.

You leave a comment and hope to get an answer. 
Days go by.

Another video provides a shopping list of stuff (including Amazon links) totaling over $3000.  
You wonder to yourself, "Do I need all of it? Even if I get it all, how will I use it?"

One Strobe with Gridded Octabox

Facebook Groups
You ask for help from your favorite Boudoir Photographer Facebook group, but the answers you get are all over the place.

One person says you need a studio strobe kit that costs $2000; another person says you just need to use the Sun. Someone else says they built a wall of light with electrical parts from the hardware store. And still another person tells you to buy a ring light (BIG MISTAKE!)

What about Speedlites? LEDs? Softboxes?

Although you asked a lighting question, someone criticized your choice of camera system and told you to buy a Sony; this started a heated side discussion over camera brands. 
Not helpful!

One person says you need HSS, another TTL. You're not even sure what those mean, but you don't want to ask because someone already left an insulting comment that made you feel like an imposter for asking a lighting question in the first place. 

One strobe with umbrella

Wedding Photographer
You ask your friends who have a wedding photography business because you know they use flash, and they tell you to buy a set of small flashes that look like bricks, work with batteries, and require a bunch of extra pieces just to attach a simple softbox. 

Not only are they inconvenient and complicated, but the little bricks are expensive! And so are the do-dads you need to add modifiers. And you don't even get a modeling light! 

The thing is, wedding photography has different challenges and needs than boudoir photography. Those bricks they recommended work very well at events, but all the photographer is trying to do is just add a little light to a bad situation.

This is not at all what you need to be doing in your boudoir studio and the same equipment won't work for you, so don't waste your money. 

One Strobe with Softbox and reflector

So then, if none of this advice is good, what CAN YOU DO?

I Discovered a Secret

I spent years of my life combing through information, practicing, and experimenting, trying to get my photos to look like the ones in magazines. 

For a long time I believed

"They must be using a better camera."

But then one day everything changed. 

I went to a workshop hosted by a catalog photographer.

There were giant lights set up and a paper backdrop - when it was my turn to shoot the host handed me a PocketWizard and told me to put it on my camera's hotshoe.

It was clear I had no idea what I was doing so he told me how to set my Shutter Speed, ISO, and Aperture.

I stepped up in front of the model (I was clearly more nervous than she was), focused and pressed the shutter button. 

POP! Bright light filled the room and was gone in an instant. 

I took a peek at the back of my camera and was literally BLOWN AWAY at the sharpness, the color! 

With a basic 8 megapixel DSLR and a kit lens, I had finally taken a photo that looked like like it belonged in a magazine!

 Well, in terms of color and sharpness, anyway. I admit my composition and posing still needed a bit of work.

Of course I tried different types of lighting in the past, but never got results like this. 

But that's when I realized:

"You can make amazing photos with a basic camera if you have 

Since that time technology advanced a long way and today lighting equipment on the market has a dizzying array of complex features. I mean that literally, the features gear has can have your head spinning!

You can spend all day looking up terms and reading about equipment, hitting dead end after dead end… and after all your effort you’re likely to be more confused and frustrated than when you started.

Sadly, many features that were designed to help photographers often cause confusion instead, and I see a lot of bad advice being given out by people with good intentions. 

self portrait, multiple exposure

I hate seeing photographers like you struggle unnecessarily! 

 I have taken all my years of research, experimentation, shooting for magazines, fashion designers, hosting events and workshops and put it all together in an easy to follow program designed to give busy Boudoir Photographers like you a straight path to success.

I’ve laid down the groundwork, all you need to do is walk along with me.

No dead ends, no detours, no techno-blabble filled rabbit holes! 

One Strobe with Umbrella

You may be thinking...

  1. I prefer natural light, I don't like the 'look' of flash.
    I hear this a LOT. It's true, flash can look very artificial, but how it looks depends on how it is being used. Natural light is very beautiful, but wouldn't it be awesome to know how to overcome the limitations of relying on natural light especially if it brings more consistency to your work without compromising your aesthetic style?

  2. Lighting equipment is  confusing to setup and use. I have enough to worry about managing camera settings.
    Part of mastery is knowing the simplest way to solve a problem. Would it simplify things if I told you it is possible to shoot an entire session, including multiple moods, wardrobe changes, and sets, without needing to change camera settings?

  3. I bought some equipment before and it wasn't compatible with my camera
    Most things I will show you about lighting are camera agnostic. When it comes time to invest in equipment you'll have the knowledge and the confidence to make the right purchase for your studio and your style. 

  4. I don't have enough space for large equipment in my home studio.
    There are many ways to improve the lighting in a room. You can learn to improve the lighting in any room without needing large equipment. I can show you how.

  5. I don't have time to learn about lighting; I am backed up retouching photos
    What if I told you that good lighting will REDUCE time spent on your post-production workflow? 


One Strobe Boudoir

The step by step program for Boudoir Photographers who are ready to amp up their images, eliminate confusion, break through imposter syndrome and finally set their creativity free without wasting time and money, even if you’ve never used lighting equipment before. 

One Strobe Boudoir will give you the knowledge and confidence to not only use flash effectively, but also enjoy the freedom to explore, experiment and develop your own unique style. 

One strobe with gridded beauty dish

Isn't it About Time You....

Take control of the lighting and stop letting it control you?

  • Stop guessing. Stop struggling. Light with Intention.

  • Break free from impostor syndrome by giving you the knowledge to handle lighting situations confidently

  • Increase your sales by producing images your clients will love and want to buy

  • Let your CREATIVE VISION determine the settings and lighting, not the other way around

  • Give up wasting time fixing 'issues' with lighting in post production

  • Finally have the confidence in your work to raise your prices

A Very Special Course

Designed for boudoir photographers by a boudoir photographer

It took me over 14 years of learning, practice, workshops and experimenting to learn what I will teach you in a few weeks. Don't waste any more time and money...

Included in the One Light Boudoir Course


  • Exclusive Facebook Group For Students ONLY

    Your membership includes access to a private Facebook group for students of the course. There you will meet and interact with other students to keep the momentum moving forward!

  • Weekly Mastermind Zoom Calls

    To help keep you on course, you'll have access to a weekly Zoom call with Rich Cirminello. You'll have an opportunity to ask questions and get additional help if you need it!

  • A Strobe Starter Kit!

    That's right, as one of the bonuses for registering, students in the USA will receive a strobe starter kit including strobe, light stand, trigger, and medium octabox or equivalent (depending on availability)

Success Stories

Huge, totally Monumental Thanks!


HUGE, totally MONUMENTAL THANKS to Rich for the lighting class I took from him in November. I learned a TON and I'm so proud of the progress of shooting and my ability to get amazing shots. Before, I was always at the mercy of natural light from the temperamental Texas sun and a ring light. These days, I have a BFU (big freaking light) and more control. I feel empowered and confident that I will get 'the shot' more often than not. Thanks Rich!! Your teaching, knowledge, and continued help are invaluable to me.

My work Skyrocketed!

by Nelly

When I started my business a few years back, I truly did not know what I was doing with my camera or with lighting. I was shooting in Auto, getting blurry images, not happy with my work, having muddy colors. I overshot like crazy every session because about half or more of my images were blurry. I felt like an imposter. I can truly say that I learned photography and lighting from Rich. My work has skyrocketed and changed COMPLETELY. It has been life-changing. I CAN SEE what I’m going to do before I even take the picture and now I KNOW how to do it! It not only helped me get the quality and the sharpness, and the vibrant colors, but gave me the opportunity to be more creative in my work.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the One Light Boudoir Program help me if I only use Natural Light?

    Yes! Learning Strobe photography will open up new avenues of creativity and quality for you to evolve into. You'll be able to forget about settings and concentrate on putting the light where you want!

  • What kind of Camera do I need for One Light Boudoir?

    A DSLR or mirrorless camera with manual control, hot shoe, and changeable lenses is recommended. The age of the camera and the sensor size does not matter for this course - you'll soon learn that strobe lighting can be applied to virtually any camera.

  • I don't have lighting equipment, do I need to buy some before taking the One Light Boudoir course?

    This is one of the most exciting parts - as a bonus for registering for the One Light Boudoir course we will be sending you a strobe kit to use as you learn (USA only). You don't need to buy anything else, though there will be some recommendations of optional accessories you might want to purchase sprinkled throughout the course.

  • I'm challenged by technology; is it possible to learn to use strobe??

    Yes! If you can use a digital camera and download your images to a computer, you've got the basics. We will guide you step-by step with equipment and settings and the entire cohort will be using the same equipment so helping each other should be a snap. You'll have access to a private Facebook group reserved only for students of the course. Plus, you will have weekly coaching calls with Rich Cirminello, so if you do get stuck, you can ask. Don't worry, you'll be in excellent hands!

  • I don't like the look of strobe.

    Yeah, we've heard this one many times before. A strobe is merely a tool. While I'm sure you've seen some work done with a strobe that you don't like, I bet there are thousands of images you do like that were also created with strobe. We will teach you how to wield the tool, how you apply it is up to you!

  • My space is small. Will I be able to use One Light Boudoir?

    Yes! Absolutely. I used to shoot in a 10x11 bedroom with a single strobe and octabox very similar to the one you will get when registering for the One Light Boudoir course.

  • I still have some questions, how do I get in touch with Rich?

    Email me at [email protected] or find the email link on this page below my bio. You can also send me a private message on Facebook.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the One Light Boudoir Course!

    1. Welcome to Module 1

    2. Setting Up Your Strobe

    3. Strobe Controls and Defaults

    4. Setting Up the Remote

    5. Remote and Flash Communications

    6. The Octagon Softbox

    7. Your first Assignment! Create a Series of Boudoir Images with a Twist!

    1. Hard and Soft Light

    2. Taking Control of the Light

    3. Working Around the Subject

    4. Shoot Demo - the couch

    5. Shoot Demo - The Black Suit

    1. Using the Octabox in a Tight Space

    2. Octabox with Grid

    3. Hard Light with Umbrella Reflector

    4. Dare to go Bare! Bulb, that is!

    1. Tuning out the Ambient Light

    2. Working the Angles

    3. Using the Grid

    4. Grid in the Bedroom

    1. Shaping the Body with Light

    2. Rim Light Bodyscapes

    3. Tummy Side Up!

About this course

  • $1,947.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

Let's Do This!

Are You Ready to Watch your Photography Take Off?

What is your Time Worth?
Just stop wasting time endlessly searching YouTube for useful information, and sifting through conflicting, incomplete and often incorrect advice from Facebook groups.

Are you ready to set your creativity free and finally develop YOUR style?Stop feeling like an imposter and relying on quick fixes to solve your technical problems. Learning to MASTER LIGHTING will change your photography forever! And the knowledge will be relevant no matter what new technology appears on the market five weeks or even five years from now.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?
You are only six-weeks away from having the power to create the kind of portfolio that will make clients want to hire you and give you the confidence to raise your prices!

If you want to get to the next level in your work, you need to take this course – no kidding!

Watch Intro Video

From Blurry to Bombshell

Nelly talks about how learning about lighting changed her photography forever

Meet Rich Cirminello, CPP

Your One Light Boudoir Creator and Instructor

CPP, Photographer and Educator rich cirminello

Rich Cirminello is an award winning photographer and mentor specializing in various forms of portraiture including boudoir, glamor, and headshots, and is experienced in commercial and fashion as well. A PPA Certified Professional Photographer, he has directed photography workshops and classes since 2010 both independently and for organizations including the Professional Photographers of America and Google. Before pursuing photography full time Rich worked in High Tech but also was Editor in Chief of a popular San Francisco based glamor magazine, shot fashion editorials, catalogs, and shows around the world, and was co-owner of a fashion label that produced elegant ladies evening wear.

The longer you WAIT, the longer you WASTE...

time, money, frustration, Just DO IT, and Do IT NOW!

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